Make-do cupboard

This make-do wardrobe is made of pine horizontal slats on
three sides with the external surface covered in blue, floral paper. The internal surface and the lower shelf are covered in newspaper.  A lace curtain is attached to the front

This piece of furniture exemplifies the tradition of ‘making-do’ and using the materials that were available at the time. The size of the cupboard is indicative of the small number of clothing owned by the occupants of the room.

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Click the Play button above to hear about the make-do cupboard and other features in the main bedroom. The oral history interview was carried out on Wednesday 26 May 1993, at Mugga-Mugga. The interviewee is Miss Sylvia Curley, daughter of Mr and Mrs Patrick and Elizabeth Curley. The interview recording is made available for Foundation to Year 2 Primary School students so they can listen to a person talking about an artefact.

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