Flour Bin

The flour box is made of wood, with a top sloping lid, hinged at the back and lined with wallpaper. The inside base of the box is lined with zinc, and is divided into two compartments by a wooden board. The ‘bin’ was used for long term storage of bulk items such as potatoes and sugar. The metal lining prevented rodents from feeding on the food within.

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Click the Play button above to hear about the flour bin. The oral history interview was carried out on Wednesday 26 May 1993, in the kitchen at Mugga-Mugga. The interviewer is Pip Giovanelli, Cultural Heritage professional, and the interviewee is Miss Sylvia Curley, daughter of Mr and Mrs Patrick and Elizabeth Curley. The interview recording is made available for Foundation to Year 2 Primary School students so they can listen to a person talking about an artefact.

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