Calthorpes' House



Image of timber cubby house at Calthorpes' House

Dolly Tea Party

The dolls partaking in a tea party are all treasured toys once enjoyed by the Calthorpe children. Dawn’s favourite was ‘John’, the composite doll, who had been left on the beach during one family holiday at Narooma, resulting in a cracked doll face and a somewhat regretful child.


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Click the Play button above to hear about the cubby. The oral history interview was carried out on Wednesday 5 December 2012, in the Breakfast Room at Calthorpes’ House. The interviewer is Kate Gardiner, ACT Museums and Galleries Education and Community Programs Manager, and the interviewee is Mrs Dawn Waterhouse, daughter of Mr and Mrs Harry and Dell Calthorpe. The interview was recorded for Foundation to Year 2 Primary School students so they can listen to a person talking about an artefact.

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